Artist @ Work (Progression)

Actual Side Sample
A small area of the ceiling will be selected to do actual sample for approval before we proceed our work.
Mediterranean Theme
Mediterranean style refers, roughly, to the design style of the south of Greece, Italy, and Spain.
Detailed Hand Painted Motif
Detailed classical motif painting with leaf gilding on round ceiling of a formal living hall.
Elegance Silver Leaf Gilding
Applying silver leaf gilt to cornices of double volume height ceiling.
Removable Ceiling
This surface mount ceiling grid can be installed in any room. The grid system mounts to ceiling joists or any other ceiling surface and does not require wires or leveling
Hand Painted Marble Effect
The process of 2 different type of marble to p.u surface pillar.
Any Area Any Space
Floral motif painting painted on the base of 3 floor height staircase base.
Work on Uneven Surface
Boiseries with hand painted motif on uneven shape surface.
Installation of Beading
Creating english classical theme wall with beading.
Custom Design
Custom design motif painting to blend with the existing furniture and wall light.